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Friday, March 22nd

out of the Blue 2024-Nick.jpeg

Out of the Blue Band


 Venice, Florida based band is an eclectic musical ensemble that defies genre boundaries with their unique fusion of styles.  Led by a dynamic lineup featuring Nick, working double duty on the keys and trumpet, Matt, a talented violinist and guitarist, Brian, a soulful pedal steel player, Damon, a groovy drummer, and Lil Al, a 7-string bassist, the band creates a sonic experience unlike any other.


Their music effortlessly blends elements of classical, folk, rock, jazz, and R&B music, captivating audiences with their mesmerizing melodies and infectious rhythms.  Each member brings their individual expertise, adding depth and richness to the band's sound.  


From soul-stirring ballads to foot-stomping grooves, Out of the Blue delivers an immersive live performance that leaves audiences craving more.  Their passion for music knows no bounds, and their commitment to pushing the limits of sound sets them apart in the music scene.

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