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JP Soars and the Red Hots
March 23, 2024
JP soars 2024.jpg
J P Soars and the Red Hots

.Playing the blues not only requires diligence and dedication but also an inherent sense of purpose and passion. Guitarist and vocalist J.P. Soars knows those instincts all too well, having been imbued with absolute enthusiasm for the form. It’s steered his muse ever since and brought him to the heights of success and wide recognition. A first-place winner of the Blues Foundation 2009 International Blues Challenge, the Albert King Best Guitarist Award, any number of Blues Music nominations as Best Contemporary Male Blues Artist, and a nod for Best Blues Album, he’s been the recipient of continuing critical kudos, extensive worldwide airplay and sales that have elevated him to the uppermost rungs of every major Blues chart.

Soars was inspired by the best. At the age of 19, he found himself the recipient of a guitar and tickets to see the great B.B. King in concert, after which he was allowed to meet the legendary musician backstage. After a brief flirtation with heavy metal, Soars realized that he best excelled at basking in the blues. Not content to merely share his playing prowess, he also builds his cigar box guitars and compact 9-volt battery-powered amplifiers, which in turn, have become prized one-of-a-kind collector items treasured by aficionados worldwide.


Still, Soars isn’t one to take his success for granted. He remains firmly grounded in his love of the music and his appreciation for his fans.


“When someone comes up after a show and says ‘thank you’ or ‘I feel what you do in my heart and soul,’ This is the greatest compliment for me,” he reflects. “It gives me a sense of purpose and I know I’m right where I should be doing exactly what I am meant to do. The good Lord gave me a gift and I love sharing it with the world.

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